Corns and Calluses

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Does putting on shoes make you wince? Do you have a hard, thickened spot on your feet that hurts when you walk on it? It’s likely that you have a corn or callus. At McLean & Partners in Brisbane, we specialize in treating all kinds of foot issues, including corns and calluses. As one of the oldest podiatry practices in the city, we are experts at diagnosing and treating foot pain.

Here’s what you should know about corn and callus treatment.

Walking or standing places pressure on the foot, and sometimes extra friction falls on a particular area of the foot. When this happens, the body may respond to the pressure by producing thickened areas of skin. These hard patches of skin are called calluses and are part of the body’s defence system to protect the underlying tissue. If the cause of the pressure is not relieved calluses can become painful. If the pressure becomes concentrated in a small area, a hard corn may develop. Sometimes the pressure of the corn or callus may produce inflammation which can result in acute pain, swelling and redness. Sometimes soft corns may form between the toes where skin is moist from sweat or inadequate drying. These appear white and rubbery, they can also be caused by excessive friction. Corns and calluses are most often found on the balls of the feet or the top of the toes. They can also be found on heels and even along the sides of your toenail. Corns and Calluses are generally symptoms of underlying problems and in some cases, early warning signals of more complex foot disorders. Because they are caused by continuous pressure in one particular area, they may indicate abnormalities or deformities in your bone structure, or the way you walk. Often calluses and corns are caused by ill-fitting or inappropriate footwear!

Why Do You Get Them?

One thing that corns and calluses do have in common, however, is their cause. Both unpleasant conditions are caused by repeated friction or pressure. If you regularly wear high heels, poorly fitting shoes or no shoes, you’ve likely found the culprit. Runners, hikers and rock climbers are also likely to fall victim to recurring corns and calluses. Fortunately, neither calluses nor corns are contagious.

How Are They Treated?

Our Podiatrists will not only remove the corns and callouses and relieve the pain, but also recommend ways to help with isolating the cause and preventing reoccurring problems.

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